Sharjah is considered a future’s city and its architecture never stops being modern. The city provides an inspiration for designers-and architects. The architectural metal screen fabrication in Sharjah provides the city with a contemporary look but at the same time a traditional feeling or image. Moreover, the architectural metal screens uphold the city’s culture with innovation, functionally, and sustainability.


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Types of Metals Screens in Sharjah

Types of Architectural Metal Screens in Sharjah

Architectural Metal Screens manufacturers in Sharjah contribute to the vibrancy and uniqueness to the city’s architectural landscape. There are different types of architectural metal screens. The common ones are:

Perforated Metal Screens

The key features of perforated metal screens is that it allows the customer and designers the flexibility to create unique, tailored patterns that go well with Sharjah’ architectural aesthetics.
Perforated Metal Screens in Sharjah

Features of Perforated Metal Screens

Custom Patterns and Designs

Perforated metal screens offer diverse creative options in designs which makes them a preferable choice in a city of diversity like Sharjah.

Cultural Inspirations

Since the perforated metal screens can incorporate the patterns and designs inspired from Arabic calligraphy, geometry, and Mashrabiya designs, these types of metal screens in Sharjah speak volumes about the places’s heritage and identity.

Modern Elegance

Modern masterpieces that catch the eye and inspire appreciation can be created by designers experimenting with abstract patterns, company logos, or avant-garde designs.

Sustainable Innovations

Perforated metal screens can be designed to optimize natural ventilation and daylighting, contributing to improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.


Improved Energy

Improved Energy Efficiency

Sunlight Control

Sunlight Control

Aesthetic Enhancement

Aesthetic Enhancement

Expanded Metal Screens in Sharjah

Expanded Metal Screens

With the challenges of Sharjah’s climatic and physical settings, the city requires equally durable and aesthetic architectural designs.  Expanded metal screens prove to be the best type of architectural metal screen fabrication in Sharjah for the tough weather conditions prevalent in the city.


Robust Construction

The strong desert winds are not uncommon in Sharjah which makes the city very windy. Screens made from expanded metal are designed for this purpose.

Climate Resistance

Expanded metal screens cannot be beaten when it comes to longevity even with relentless heat from the desert sun. The screens made are specifically durable enough to withstand Sharjah’s hot summer temperatures.

Sand and Dust Resilience

Sand and dust are ever present in Sharjah’s deserts. The expanded metal screens come with an open mesh design that allows the air through but keeps the sand and dust out thereby preserving the architectural elements or making them more durable as well as minimizing on the routine maintenance.

Structural Integrity

Many of the iconic buildings that form part of Sharjah’s skyline reflect ingenuity in architecture and expanded metal screens play an important role. The city’s changing sky line makes them subjected to high winds and other dynamic structural demands but their sturdy structure enables them to remain strong.




Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Wire Mesh Screens

The architectural marvels of Sharjah are not limited to buildings alone but also spread across extensive outdoor areas that demand out-of-the-box ideas. Wire mesh screens can be entered here—the versatile architectural elements that add ventilation, transparency, and functionality to open air environments of Sharjah.
Wire Mesh Screens in Sharjah


Unobstructed Views

These wire mesh screens offer the right balance of visibility and secrecy. Even if they are surrounding a rooftop terrace or a city square, one would get spectacular vistas towards downtown Sharjah whilst still feeling discrete.

Natural Ventilation

The outdoor comfort is very common in the weather of Sharjah. Wire mesh screens let in fresh air, enabling good airflow in external areas. It reduces reliance on such mechanical cooling and enhances open air eating, fun, and event pleasure.

Daylight Optimization

Sunshine in Sharjah is an expensive commodity. Wire mesh screens act as a filter for sunlight, generating shadows and luminance that improve the feel in open spaces. These assist in developing receptive and bright areas even during the hot days of summer.


Temparature Control

Temperature Control

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security


Acoustic Control

Applications of Architectural Metal Screens in Sharjah

Building Facades

Shopping Malls

Hospitality Spaces

Cultural Centers

Residential Developments

Public Spaces

Why Choose EmirFab for Architectural Metal Screens in Sharjah

Adapting to the culture and traditions of Sharjah

Modernity in Sharjah does not erase the cultural history of the city. It is gratifying that at EmirFab, we can incorporate creative symbols, custom motifs as well as cultural images in our metallic screens.

Reflecting Sharjah's Unique Style

Our team of local experts understand Sharjah’s unique style. This is how we team up with architects, designers, and developers to fashion such metal screens that would match with the city’s modern look.

Local Expertise for Unparalleled Results

We have a strong footing that helps us understand the intricacies of the local architectural scene because we are deeply rooted in Sharjah. Sharjah’s climate, the environment and design trends.

Imagination Meets Precision

Creativity and Precision form EmirFab which is one of the leading architectural metal screen manufacturers in Sharjah. We work hand in hand with our clientele and bring to life their dreams. Incorporating creativity and accuracy in our designs gives us metal screens with inspiring, amazing, and long-lasting impacts.

About Sharjah

The third-most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah is the formidable part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman Metropolitan Area. The city being the capital of the Eponymous Emirates, contributes largely to the GDP of the UAE. The city, for its rich cultural heritage, is also named by UNESCO as the cultural capital of the Arab World. 

Famous locations in Sharjah

Things to do in Sharjah

Leading Architectural Metal Screens Manufacturer in Sharjah's Prime Areas

Sharjah Art Museum

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Mleiha Archaeological Site

Sharjah Aquarium & Maritime Museum

Al Majaz Waterfront

Frequently Asked Questions

Architectural metal screen design ideas in Sharjah often embody a blend of modernist and traditional forms, reflecting this mix in the city itself. Some of these trends include complex geometric patterns, styles influenced by Arabic calligraphies, and environment friendly products such as recycling metals.
Metal screens should be employed as sunshades in buildings of Sharjah to enhance their energy efficiencies. This also helps in keeping solar heat away from homes and reducing the need for too much cooling by the air conditioning.
Perforated metal screens for office and residential buildings, shopping malls, parks, etc., are frequently used in Sharjah. They are usually implemented to emphasize the face, curtains, sunscreen, and decorative purpose.
Perforated metal screens for office and residential buildings, shopping malls, parks, etc., are frequently used in Sharjah. They are usually implemented to emphasize the face, curtains, sunscreen, and decorative purpose.
Wire mesh screens can provide relief from hot winds in Sharjah’s climate by providing ventilation while blocking off direct sunlight. It makes the outdoor spaces more comfortable for the occupants. Sunscreens allow free flow of air which makes them suitable for use in courtyard, decks,and any other outdoor space.
Yes. EmirFab, being a leading architectural metal screen manufacturer in Sharjah, provides options for styling adjustments that are suitable for the local architectural traditions.These adjustments may involve designs, patterns, finishes, and sizes.
Some distinct selling advantages that EmirFab might have include the knowledge about regional architectural styles, superior materials, latest production technology, a commitment to sustainability and innovations.
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