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The demand for quality aluminum fencing fabrication in Sharjah has soared high due to a number of factors which include durability and aesthetics as well as low maintenance cost. EmirFab, as a leader in the industry, is recognized to be one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium fences catering to the customized demands with innovative solutions.

Emirfab, being the leading manufacturer of Aluminium fences in Sharjah, remains a trusted source for high end aluminum fencing and is fully committed to offering the highest quality products which are in line with changing demand characteristics of the market.

Top Aluminium Fencing Products in Sharjah


The Blade Fence Range

The Blade Fence Range by EmirFab can be considered the peak of contemporary fences and other solutions to secure a particular area. Made with precision, these fences are highly secure—yet beautiful. It is an economical solution offering security, its features include sleek lines and customizable blade spacing. Benefits include greater visibility, longer serviceability , protection against harsh weather amongst several other advantages.

Horizontal Slat Fence Range

EmirFab’s Horizontal Slat Fence Range ensures unique stylistic and functionality that meet privacy demands. These types of fences are perfectly suitable to blend in various structural backgrounds.
Horizontal Slat Fences, which are provided by EmirFab can serve as a hedge and still add to the style of surrounding spaces. These fences offer the customizable slat space and are perfectly balanced between looks and performance.

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The Fin Fence Range

One of the most popular fencing options for customers is a modern, premium product – the FinFence Range. It helps to improve the appearance of properties and set off a style-conscious environment around them. It is the ideal union of functional purpose and decorative outer surface. Besides its visual appeal, the Fin Fence marks a property as modern which provides it remedy over others through this additional characteristic. 

Straight Fence Range

The Straight Fence range is a suitable  product to meet different requirements ranging from private facilities and houses boundaries to large-scale commercial undertakings. This range is flexible in terms of design and is capable of accommodating various needs. The Straight Fence range is formed as an inexpensive variant and has become a favorite of people conscious about reliability and versatility.


Letter Boxes

The letter boxes are specially made in order to fit well with the complete look of aluminium fencing. Such letter boxes were not only used as useful accessories but helped them make the design in a complete sense. Form and utilitarianism both are very important features in the add-ons to the fencing solution.

Experience Superior Craftsmanship with EmirFab Aluminium Fences

Aluminium Fence Panels

Aluminium Fence Panels in Sharjah cover a wide spectrum of architectural tastes in Sharjah. Our panels are an answer to style as much as to security, with classic patterns and geometrics. Applications of aluminium fence panels in Sharjah include the property perimeters, gardens, parks and commercial complexes.


Aluminium Balustrades

Aluminium Balustrades play a pivotal role in enhancing safety and aesthetics in Sharjah’s architectural projects. Beyond serving as a protective barrier, these balustrades contribute to the overall visual appeal of balconies, terraces, and staircases. Our balustrades are designed with a keen focus on compliance with safety standards while offering a modern and sleek appearance.

Quality Assurance in Aluminium Fencing

Quality assurance is an integral part of EmirFab’s aluminium fencing fabrication in Sharjah, which sets its character and life beyond quality.
We ensure that every aluminium fencing product in our system observes and surpasses industry benchmarks through our very complex manufacturing processes. EmirFab has developed a complete quality assurance model in relation to the provision of raw materials from the choice of raw materials to the end-user inspection.

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Custom Aluminium Fencing Solutions in Sharjah

EmirFab is proud about being able to develop a customized aluminium fencing solution for every project in Sharjah. The customization features that we offer are aimed at enhancing the level of services for the client and every boarding should easily adjust to the characteristics of the specific place wherein it is installed.

Applications and Use Cases

EmirFab’s versatile aluminium fencing finds exceptional applications across various domains in Sharjah, contributing to both aesthetics and functionality.

Residential Properties

Residential Properties

Commercial Complexes

Commercial Complexes

Public Spaces

Public Spaces

Entrance Gates

Entrance Gates

Why Choose EmirFab for Aluminium Fencing in Sharjah


EmirFab has managed to bridge the gap in the installation of aluminium fence solutions in Sharjah. We have rightly addressed how Sharjah has to cater to its challenging construction and security needs. Our product ranges are diverse from the innovative Blade Fence to the versatile Aluminium Fence Panels. All these are a result of the attention to detail and design quality among the other features.


About Sharjah

The third-most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah is the formidable part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman Metropolitan Area. The city being the capital of the Eponymous Emirates, contributes largely to the GDP of the UAE. The city, for its rich cultural heritage, is also named by UNESCO as the cultural capital of the Arab World. 

Famous locations in Sharjah

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Sharjah Art Museum

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Mleiha Archaeological Site

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminium fencing proves to be long lasting, attractive and requires less maintenance. It stands up to Sharjah’s challenging weather with ease and enhances security.

Aluminium is corrosion resistant which further makes it one of the most suitable materials to use in areas such as Sharjah, whose climate is rather hot and humid. This is a rust-free material that is meant to serve for ages and sustain even harsh weather.

EmirFab offers customization options to make the aluminium fence look perfectly in sync with the style and aesthetics of your property in Sharjah.

EmirFab has core competencies in custom metal fabrication tailoring solutions based on the specific Sharjah projects. This flexibility guarantees the provision of components that are designed to fit specifications and functionality.

If properly managed, aluminium fencing can have a lasting time of decades. Sharjah’s climate being tough and very hot, the durability of this material coupled with its antioxidant or corrosion resistant qualities makes it ideal for any construction done in that region.

Yes, EmirFab aluminium fencing products strictly adhere to Sharjah’s safety laws and regulations.

EmirFab uses materials that are manufactured on high-quality standards that comply with international standards. We ensure regular audits, material testing, and constant improvements to ensure the quality that we commit.
The ordinary maintenance to remove dirt is enough. The frequency of the maintenance depends on environmental conditions, but in any case, this aluminium fencing required lesser maintenance compared to other materials.
Of utmost importance is the compliance with local rules and regulations as well as being respectful to local aesthetics. As the company endeavors to address these factors in residential installations, it ensures that this is done in a way that satisfies the unique demands of property owners.
To request a quote, please contact EmirFab through our authorized channels and mention your project needs. Our team will help you out immediately.
EmirFab typically offers warranties on its products. Please check with our sales team for specific warranty details based on the product and scope of your project.
EmirFab usually gives warranties on our products. Our sales team will provide you with specific warranty details depending on the product and project scope.
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